We create engaging videos 

SWdigital is a Denver video production company based in the Lower Highlands focused on creating engaging videos.  We partner with small businesses, nonprofits, and politicians, to bring high quality video production services to our clients.  We create corporate videos, commercial videos, testimonial videos, explainer videos, branded content and crowdfunding videos.  If you need a videographer in Denver, contact us to get a free quote for video production in Colorado.  


Denver Video Production Services



An explainer video is your opportunity to explain in common every day terms what otherwise might be a complicated topic.  This is your chance to both educate and engage your audience.

Live Events

From campaign rallies with 100,000+, to living rooms with just 5, we have produced videos for dozens of live events.  We create compelling video content that demonstrates the atmosphere, the excitement and the overall message of any given live event.  We also have live streaming capabilities that stream directly to YouTube or Facebook Live.


Having worked with non-profits including PBS, FWD.us, YWCA, The Delores Project and The League of Women Voters to create video and web content, we understand how to engage your supporters.  Non-Profit videos can serve to educate as well as encourage action by the viewers.  





Telling a customer or supporter’s story using video gives a face to your small business or cause.  By telling their story, you will better be able to communicate the impact of your product or cause.  A testimonial video is a great way to speak directly with potential customers.


We create short-from documentaries that help your brand or your cause get the message out.  Short-form video storytelling is an effective and authentic way to communicate your message.



We create engaging and fun pitch videos for crowdfunding campaigns.  We have helped raise over $250,000 on Indiegogo, Kickstarter and more.