Teleprompter and Scripted Corporate Videos

When making a corporate video, many clients want to have a script and stick to it.  Words matter, and delivering them exactly right matters in commercial video.  That is part of the reason that SWdigital owns and operates a teleprompter.  For larger events we also have contacts in Denver that have decades of experience operating a teleprompter.  

That being said, I often advise clients not use the teleprompter.  One of the problems with a teleprompter is that you become dependent on it.  Instead of saying the words, you start to read them, and that comes across in the video itself.  Think about it, you can tell if someone is reading a script.  As a viewer it takes you out of the experience and distracts you.  

The most important aspect of any video for your business is authenticity, and reading from a teleprompter tends to take away from that experience.  If a video feels too scripted, viewers tend to tune out.  In other words, there are other ways to achieve a scripted video without a teleprompter.  SWdigital will work with you to create a script that feels authentic, but also conveys your message succinctly and effectively.