Video Call to Action

One of the first things I learned working on political campaigns was that every video needed to have some sort of call to action.  In fact, I was encouraged to know what that call to action would be before I even filmed the video.  

Put simply, a call to action is a direct appeal to a viewer to do something beyond watching a video.  Whether that be signing up to volunteer, donating money or even just sharing the video, engagement is the only valuable video currency.  A “viral" video is not valuable to a political campaign unless those views generate further engagement with the campaign.  

The same principle applies to non-profit appeals and small businesses.  A video view is only as valuable as the next action a viewer takes.  When developing a video, you need to have a clear idea about what you want that video to accomplish.  Do you want to increase your e-mail list signups?  Do you want to increase sales of a particular item?  The video should give the viewers the tools to easily accomplish that action.