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video is great. really great. 


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We love helping our clients reach their goals

Small Businesses

Political Campaigns


From product, company culture and event videos to content development around new features, amplify your message and audience with custom marketing campaigns.

Reinforce your message to target audiences & gain exposure to new constituents through short-form video content for your campaign. 

We build videos and content inspired by your mission to reach your fundraising, outreach, community management or other goals. 

The Scotts


Scott Willey (the video guy)

Willey is a video preditor (producer + editor). With 7 years of digital media production experience, Willey’s videos have been viewed over 10 Million times. With a Bachelors’ degree from University of Rochester and Masters from Georgetown University, Willey has worked in digital video departments at Obama for America in 2008 and 2012, The White House and PBS Digital Studios.  Scott has also worked on a freelance basis for The UN Foundation, Udall for Colorado,, Kennedy Communications, The League of Women Voters, Climate Action Campaign, Artisanal Foods and Americans Elect.  When not preditoring, Willey prefers watching cat videos.

Scott White (the marketing guy)

White is a marketing professional with an engineering background, experienced in preparing go-to market and product strategies via extensive market research for both startups and large corporations alike.  White holds a BS University of Rochester and a MS from Stanford University. He has built an expertise in digital marketing and project management through marketing and strategic roles in several startups, including crowdfunding, building & home automation companies as well as founding a successful subscription company. When not marketing, White finds meme generators fascinating.